Our products range include:

All our mixes are tested and of excellent quality. They are ready to mix by only adding one or two ingredients, e.g. an egg or oil/water, etc.

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Red Velvet Cake Mix

Excellent tested product that works for not only cake but for cupcakes too! Ideal with the Cream Cheese Icing Mix.

Madeira Mix

For baking firmer cakes to use for layer cakes. This mix can be used as a base for a Banana Bread, Ginger Bread and Fruit Bread. Just add your fruit to the mix and bake.

Black Cocoa

This super black, 100% natural colouring for all purpose from icing sugar, cakes although it is not and does not taste anything like cocoa or chocolate at all. The only ingredient of this product is just pure Cocoa Powder from Malaysia. We stock this extremely popular, high in demand and excellent quality product in 100 gr, 250 gr and 500 gr sizes.Click here to view our Black Cocoa.


Double Chocolate Cake Mix, Red Velvet Cake Mix, Cream Cheese Icing Mix, Carrot Cake Mix, Vanilla, Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse Mix, Instant Frosting Mixes, Madeira Mix, Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix, Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix, “Creamina” (madeira) Mix, Cheesecake Mix, Warm Milk Tart Mix, Scone Mix, Waffle / Pancake Mix, American Brownie Mix, Instant Cream Mix, Cream Stabilizer, Gum Paste Mix, Royal Icing mix, Soya Free Sweet Biscuit Mix, Soya Free Ginger Biscuit Mix, Soya Free Romany Biscuit Mix. Old-fashion custard biscuit mix and a lovely soft Shortbread Cookie Mix, Buttermilk Rusk Mix and Health Buttermilk Rusk Mix. Click here to view our Pre-Mixes.


A huge range of edible, Non-edible cake decorations and we also offer a large range and sizes of Round and Square cake boards (Mazonite Silver, Thick Silver and Gold, Mazonite Black and White)

Home Made Soya Free Biscuit Mixes

Good news !!! We now have the perfect easy to make biscuit mixes that do not contain any soya. Just add butter or margarine and eggs, roll out and cut out any shape you wish. It bakes perfect biscuits, it stays in shape and tastes fantastic. This is your solution, together with our Royal Icing Mix to bake perfect decorated biscuits. You can add mixed spices to this mix and you will have the perfect old fashioned “Outydse Soetkoekie”. For a very tasty coconut biscuit you just add a bid of coconut, you will be surprised how good it tastes. The ginger biscuit is what everybody was waiting for, excellent flavour and crispy. The Romany biscuits is the best taste home made biscuit to the real thing.. Use any of our chocolate products we have, specially the Aalst Imported Real Milky chocolate for a filling and you will not eat another Romany biscuit again. We also have the most delicious old-fashioned custard biscuit mix. Just add a nice soft butter-icing or custard filling and they are so tasty and decadent. We have also added the a long awaiting shortbread biscuit and with this one you would just want to “Eat Some More and More”once you have tasted it. These mixes were well tested for freezing. Once frozen for even more than a month, it need to rest a while till room temperature, role it out cut your shapes and bake it or if frozen in a roll you can cut wheels from frozen and bake as normal. Click here to view our Home Made Soya Free Biscuit Mixes.

Instant Frosting Mix

Best product ever! You can ice 20 cupcakes with a medium nozzle easy with this packet. You can use it on your edible print cakes, tested and works perfect. This product is so versatile and easy to use. We have them in 4 flavours: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chock and White Chock. You MUST TRY THEM ALL. Try this for a delicious result: You can add any one of our cheesecake fruit toppings for an extra fruity flavour. Add our Number One Chocolate Filling (similar to Bar One Spread) and you will never use any other chocolate icing for your chocolate cakes or cupcakes ever again. Click here to view our instant frosting mixes.

Classic Carrot Cake Mix

Just add water oil, carrots and nuts for a beautiful carrot cake, finish it off with cream cheese topping. Perfect with the Cream Cheese Icing Mix.

Double Chocolate Mix

This is just the best Choc Cake you will ever bake. This cake is just like an old fashioned dark soft chocolate cake. This mix is also of the highest quality just as all our other premixes. You just add eggs water and some oil and the result is just an exclusively, soft and lovely dark double chocolate cake.

Edible Diamanté

We stock edible diamanté made with Isomalt. This product is 100% edible and packed in glass bottles so that it does not lose it’s shine. You can use this product to make any cake so special. Click here to view our Edible Diamanté.

Cream Cheese Icing Mix

This mix was specially formulated to use with the Red Velvet Cake as well as the Carron Cake mix. Just add Butter or margarine, lemon juice and vanilla essence and mix well. This topping is ideal to put between the layers of you red velvet, on top of it as well as on your red velvet cupcakes, and as an excellent replacement for “Cream Cheese” icing. This mix is stable, will not melt easy and will not run of your cake if not kept in the fridge for a wile. This mix is worth trying!!

Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate Ready to Bake Cupcake Mixes

These mixes can be kept frozen for up to 3 months. Just let it stand to be room temperature, cut open the bag and fill cups half way to bake up to the top edge of the cupcake. Bake for 15 to 18 min. You will be able to get 14 to 16 cupcakes from one kilogram mix.Click here to view our Vanilla and Red Velvet Ready Cupcake Mixes.

Artificial Whipping Cream Products

The Millac Gold Modified Whipping Cream with Palm Oil for Whipping Cooking and Pouring, is a excellent product to use for cake decorating and makes the most divine chocolate ganache for cakes.  This product whips up to three times its volume.  Once wiped it can be kept in the freezer and can be used straight from the freezer. This product can be sweetened and flavoured to your taste.   You can add any colourants, flavouring, fruit toppings, chocolate fillings and caramel products to change it into a wonderful filling between layers of a cake.

The Millac slightly sweetened Roselle Supreme Confectionary Topping is just as versatile and can be used the same way as the Millac Gold except that it is sweetened already

TRY THIS FANTASTIC IDEA FOR THE BEST FROSTING  EVER !.  Use 1 kg of icing sugar and 750 ml of either the yellow or red box of this cream products. Beat on high speed until the mixture is fluffy and creamy. This makes the most beautiful, soft, tasty “frosting type” decoration for cupcakes or cakes. For a decadent chocolate flavour, just add two to three desert spoons full of our dark cocoa powder to the icing sugar and mix is through before mixing with the cream.  Beat as normal and pipe. 

These products are really excellent for cooking, especially curry dishes and soups. Click here to view our milac dairy and non-dairy products.

Sugar Lace Powder

This product is used to make the most beautiful “Lace” decorations on cakes. Silicone mats are used to make the lace strips. Two strips per pattern is enough to go around a 20 cm round cake. Keep in mind when working with this product on a humid day it takes longer to dry and we recommend you leave it overnight to set. Both these products are very well tested and makes very fine, thin and delicate sugar lace. You can colour the mixture and should you prefer the lace to have a pearl, gold or silver dusted effect, simply brush the lace mould with the dust or lustre powder before putting the mixture on the lace mould. The instructions on the packaging is very clear to follow to get the best results.

Click here to view our Sugar Lace Powder.

Number One Chocolate Spread

This product is very tasteful and can be used as a filling between layers of cake. It can also be used as a topping for cakes, cupcakes ect. It can also be used whipped with cream, also as a topping or in between layers of a cake. The Number One Chocolate Spread is definitely worth trying.

Chocolate Products

We stock the following Chocolate products. to Moulds, Flavourings and other supplies required to create your own chocolates perfectly. We also cater specially for holidays such as Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Mothers day and Fathers day, ect. We also stock Aalst real Chocolate, Imported from Singapore, 70% Buttons, Semi Sweet Chock Chips and the most wonderful Milky and White Couverture Chocolate. All these products can be used to make the most divine and delicious Chocolate Ganache by combining it with our Milac Cream Range. You should try this for a mouth watering chocolate sauce on ice cream – you will never use anything else again!
Click here to view all our chocolate products as well as instructions and steps on how to melt and temper chocolate.


A vast variety of packaging must haves for transporting, presenting and delivering baked or unbaked goods.


This powder is used to make “Diamante” or also known as Sugar Gems. It works best melted in a glass bowl and in the microwave oven and gel colouring works the best to colour it. Just be very careful when working with Isomalt it becomes extremely hot !!! Click here to view our Isomalt.

Ready to Roll Plastic Icing (fondant)

We sell, Premium ready to roll plastic icing with a lovely vanilla flavour for a smooth satin finish when covering wedding and novelty cakes and also suitable for creating sugar art decorations. This product is a high quality product and when using this product it is developed so that you do not need corn starch on your working surface to prevent it from sticking on to your working surface. We stock the following colours, white, sky blue, red, green, lime green, yellow, purple, orange, deep pink, chocolate brown, black, flesh, baby blue, baby pink, pastel purple, navy blue.

We also sell the Premium 250 g containers with Ready to use Blossom Modelling Paste (Gum Paste) in the following colours: white, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel yellow, pastel purple, pastel green and dark chocolate. This is a unique product to use for making extremely thin and delicate fondant flowers.

We also stock the Zeelandia Décor Icing (Modelling Fondant) which is also used for covering cakes and for specific modelling projects. This product is excellent to use for very fine and delicate projects, specially if you want to model pretty faces and figurines for special occasions.
Click here to view our Plastic Icing (fondant) Colours.

Edible Printing

We do printing on A4 Edible paper. These products are fully edible and are safe to use for cake decorating. We can do prints for cupcakes and can fit up to 30 cupcake circles on an A4 page. We can print about any picture for your decorations on your cake.. You are most welcome to send the pictures through on our Whatsapp number  082 617 0873 or email to baking@bakingbonanza.co.za, of either the picture of the cake you need printing for, or only the pictures you want us to print for you. If you know the size and hight of the cake/s you are baking, you can also specify the sizes of the pictures and we will print accordingly.

Click here to see a example of a cake with Edible Printing on

Muffin Mixes

We have a good variety of frozen muffin mixes that includes: Double Chock Chip, Vanilla Chock Chip, Strawberry, Blue Berry, Cappuccino, Lemon Poppy, Carrot, Health, Banana, Bran, Date & Nut, Breakfast Fruit & Nut and Christmas (seasonal). We also sell the following very tasty, non greasy and excellent Savory Muffin Mixes: Cheese and Corn, Cheese and Onion, Spinach & Fetta. These mixes are so easy to use, just let it stand to reach room temperature, cut open one corner of the bag and pipe it into your well greased muffin pan and bake for 25 – 28 min on 180ºC and enjoy! Click here to view some our Muffin Mixes

Cake Pans

Layer Cake Pans, Cupcake/Muffin Pans and Baking Cup, Sheet Cake Pans, novelty pans. Click here to view all our cake pans.


Almonds Whole, Flaked Almonds, Ground Almonds, Pecan Nut Pieces, Sprinkle Nuts, Unsalted Raw Red Skin Peanuts.Click here to view all nuts & more.

Dried Fruits

Bakers Mix(Raisons only), Cake Mix (including currents and mixed citrus peel), Luxury Fruit Cake mix (includes glazed cherries), Currents, Golden Sultanas, Seedless Raisons, Pitted Dates, Glazed Mix Citrus Peel, Glazed Cherries Red and Green Whole and Broken, Dried Cranberries, Fruit Cubes. Click here to view all our dried fruits & more.


We stock the following seeds in the shop.: Lin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seed, Sunflower Seed, Mixed Seeds, Green Pumpkin Seeds, Star Aniseed, Aniseed, Cuman Seeds, Mustard Seeds Black and Yellow Click here to view all our seeds.

Essences and Flavourings

We stock a range of Essences, Flavourings and Natural and Pure Vanilla Paste to make any baking experience taste extra ordinary. Our Clear Vanilla Alcohol Free Flavouring add so much flavour to Butter Cream Icing Sugar. We also stock Flavour Nation Flavourings. This product is a excellent product to flavour sponge cake, icing sugar, chocolates and Ice Cream. We also stock the “Natural Gourmay Vanilla” Range which consists of Orange Extract, Lemon and Lime Extract, Lime Extract, Chocolate Extract, Almond Extract, Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Paste and Vanilla Powder. We also stock Island Organics Vanilla Pods.

Click here to view our Essences, Flavourings and Pastes.

Frozen Goods

Cookie Dough
We are so excited to introduce our Frozen Cookie Dough that are made from our Famous Cookie Mixes. It is so easy to use. Just let it defrost to room temperature, remove from the packaging, cut into rings, place on greased baking tray or tray lined with baking paper and bake as per instructions on the packaging. This is so easy, and you will have freshly baked cookies all the time

Puff Pastry
Our frozen Puff Pastry is an excellent product, and you will never use any other puff pastry ever again. We supply it in 1 kg and 3 kg rolls. One can be creative with these products.

We also sell the most beautiful and tasty Frozen Macarons in the following flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, Coconut, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese flavoured filling, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream. We also have pastel and bright rainbow colour mixes. We have different colours available for special events such as Valentine and Christmas. You should have these in your freezer for those days when you need to prepare something quick for those unexpected guests. Take them out of the freezer and by the time your kettle cooks and your preparations are done, the macarons are ready to serve. We also allow special orders for other colours and flavours. Only a minimum of 12 macarons of the same colour or flavour per order is required. These orders need to be finalized and orders need to be confirmed 7 working days in advance.
Click here to view our frozen goods.

Cake Fillings and Cheesecake Toppings

We stock a wide variety of cake filling and toppings that can be used as cake fillings together with icing or cream fillings to help you make the most fancy and tasty cakes and will leave your friends wondering how you were able to create such tasty cakes. All these fillings can be used as is, or you can add it to your icing, frosting or cream to create the most decadent and tasty cakes or cupcake icing. We also stock Caramel Spread, Number one Spread (similar to Bar One Spread). We also have a very decadent Hazel Nut Chocolate Filling that is just not amazing for a cake filling but also divine as a truffle filling. We also have a BRAND NEW Turkish Delight Filling. If you really want your chocolate cake or cupcakes to taste different than the ordinary, you will not believe what the Turkish Delight Filling does to the taste of chocolate cake especially as a cupcake filling!! Click here to view all our Cake Fillings.